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What makes Christian Coaching truly “Christian?”

As a pastor & ministry leader, I struggled with the reality that for all the hours of sermon prep, all the messages, all the notes, discipleship groups, time, and money spent, I saw very little in terms of transformation.

In 15 years of coaching and 10 years of training 1000’s of coaches, I also know the limits of coaching to bring DEEP & LASTING Transformation.

LISTEN: Putting a Christian label on something doesn’t make it Christian.

Unfortunately, almost all Christian Life Coach Training is the exact same training I went through close to 20 years ago repackaged with the word “Christian.”

I believe those programs are well meaning, but to make something truly Christian, you have to do more than start a session with prayer asking God to “bless our time together.”

If you want REAL transformation, then you need to look to the transformational model of Jesus…

No doubt Jesus taught, but Jesus also asked 100s of questions, and most of the time He wouldn’t give the answer!

The questions of Jesus led to the ultimate Aha!

“this truth did not come to you from any human being, but it was given to you directly by my Father in heaven.”

The questions of Jesus created ENCOUNTERS with God which are the basis of transformation because all real knowledge in Scripture is EXPERIENTIAL, not classroom knowledge.

The IIPP Transformational Christian Coaching Model is our attempt to follow that model perfected by Jesus.

When Jesus called His disciples, it was for them to first BE with Him (Mark 3:13-15).

It was the same priority that Jesus had modeled in BEING WITH God the Father.

And when Jesus left the planet, Holy Spirit came to occupy the whole of our lives.

So if we want a coaching session to be “Christian,” it’s only Christian if it is occupied by the Presence of Jesus.

Our AIM with the Master’s Program is catalyze coaches to lead a relationship-driven coaching session where Holy Spirit is present as the 3rd and leading Member of the session.

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